How Famous are You?
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"You are awesome!"
Hello, we are HFY! We are a group that specializes in ranking users by their popularity!*

Logo by Guyz!

EST: 08/06/2018

*If you think you have been wrongfully ranked or your rank is out of date, please contact me or a ranker.
How ranking works [Updated]
By: zachary  •   Created: 10/11/2018 5:38PM  •   Updated: 12/17/2019 7:58PM
100+ posts = common forumer
500+ posts = popular forumer
1.5k+ posts = famous forumer

At least 5 small uniques = common trader
At least 2 big unique = popular trader
At least 4 big uniques = famous trader

250+ game visits = common game designer
1.5k+ game visits = popular game designer
5k+ game visits = famous game designer

Owns group
with 149+ members = famous group owner

Note: you may fall under multiple categories (example: you have 3k+ game visits and 6k+ forum posts), so you will be asked which rank you would prefer. Also, please note that you profile views WILL NOT affect how you're ranked.
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By: zachary  •   Created: 12/03/2019 7:40PM  •   Updated: 12/03/2019 7:40PM
By: zachary  •   Created: 07/02/2019 6:21PM  •   Updated: 07/14/2019 7:37AM
Okay, because the entire site was wiped (excluding accounts), it's very hard to know your situation prior to the shutdown. So if you can, please tell me how famous you were before shutdown (and no lying!).
100 Members!
By: zachary  •   Created: 07/14/2019 7:35AM  •   Updated: 07/14/2019 7:35AM
Thank you SpotifyAdmin!

hello my baby hello my honey
RIP Spooktober
By: zachary  •   Created: 10/24/2018 10:43AM  •   Updated: 10/24/2018 10:43AM
January 25th, 2018 - October 22nd, 2018