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Website Roadmap
Track the progress of our new website below.
In Progress
Design Improvements
Improvements to how the website and web pages look.
To Be Created
Website Improvements
Various website improvements including but not limited to: bug fixes, code cleanup, and more!
Direct Messages
Direct messages are the best to communicate with your friends on Brickplanet.
Edit Avatar
Customize your player's avatar
User Advertisements
Advertise your games, guilds, clothing, and so on...
Light & Dark Theme
Adjust however you want Brickplanet to look to fit your individual needs.
Administration Panel
A powerful tool used by our moderators to keep Brickplanet fun for everyone.
Report Content
A tool used by Brickplanet players to report content that violates or terms of service.
Membership / Currency Upgrades
With membership you can get more daily bits & credits, and so much more allowing you to unlock the full potential of Brickplanet.
Your dashboard is where you recieve feed updates about your friends, and new posts from The Brickplanet Times!
Trade Items & Assets
Trading items and assets is one of the few ways you can exchange Rare items on Brickplanet.
This is the way you can hop back into the action by logging in, or create a new account by registering!
Account Settings
Change user account info, review logged-in devices, manage two-factor authentication, configure privacy settings, review billing history,
Forums are the best way you can communicate with Brickplanet players, and also make new friends!
Search & View Player Profiles
You can search for player profiles and explore them, profiles display a lot of useful information about players, like backpack items, amount of friends, join dates, and much more!
Add/Remove Friends
Adding new friends on Brickplanet is as easy clicking a single button. And so is removing them.
Money Wallets
Create wallets to hold money in (e.g. Primary Account & Savings Account)
Buy avatar clothing, game assets, Rare items, and more!
Build communities, sell under a brand, and so much more
Game Roadmap
Track the progress of our new game engine below.
In Progress
To Be Created
New Client Design
New Client user interface for our game engine, this UI (user interface) will feature prettier visuals, new accessibility features, and more!
New Workshop Design
New Workshop user interface for our game engine, this UI (user interface) will feature prettier visuals, easier to use tools, and more!
Client Improvements
Various client improvements including but not limited to: code cleanup, new features, and more!
Workshop Improvements
Various workshop improvements including but not limited to: code cleanup, new features, and more!
Frequently Asked Questions
I made IRL purchase(s) on BLOX City or Brick Planet during 2016-2021. Will I be able to retrieve my purchases?
Yes! While our database was unfortunately reset, we're going to reimburse ALL previous membership and currency purchases which will be credited onto your new BP account. If you purchased 10,000 credits over the course of BP, you will receive all of it back. If you bought a total of 8 months of Astro on BP, you will receive all of your previously purchased perks onto a new account of your choosing.
Will my previous player data such as my account and items be saved?
Unfortunately, no. We made the difficult decision to reset the database because the economy had become a disaster, making the game unfair for many players. Fortunately, players who spent IRL money will be fully reimbursed (see below for more details). We truly apologize, and will now be leveraging AI to help us maintain a healthy game economy.
How can I retrieve my previous purchase(s) perks?
You will receive an email to your billing email linked via PayPal, and/or your BrickPlanet account's email if purchased by debit/credit card with a list of 'redemption codes' to either redeem them on your new account, or give some away to your friends!
I purchased supporter package(s) in 2021-2022. Will I still be able to redeem my perks?
Yes! Just make sure to keep your confirmation code handy, never share your confirmation code with anyone aside from official Brickplanet staff members.