Dragon-Forged Blade

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Few dragons interact with humans, and even fewer are dragon-smiths. This blade was forged in a dark cave far from any place reachable by mankind. It’s intricate design lines every crease that run up the edges of the blade. They glow purples not because of magic but because the very blood of the dragon flows through this blade. Unlike any other sword given life by magic this sword is a living relic by blood and heart. With the heart of a dying star at its hilt and the blood of a legendary dragon the power behind this blade is like no other.
It was created for a king who ruled over his people with the most care and compassion, but power changes mortals. As soon as the blade touched his fingers his entire energy changed and there was no soul who did not notice. He began a campaign through all of the land leaving nothing behind in his paths. When visited by the very creator of the blade, he admitted to no wrong doing. The blade over the years of his rules began to drain his energy and soul, until he was nothing but an empty shell. It says that he wonders the edges of forests with the blade glowing purple just as his eyes do. For those who survive his gaze, they say he speaks of a fallen kingdom and betrayal by his own people.
Feb 08, 2020
Feb 11, 2020
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