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THIS IS THE OFFICIAL BRICKPLANET DUCKSQUAD! Thank you so much! We have hit the front page of the groups! <3
We hit 2000 members guys! Let's get to 3000!
Added Duck Ranks!
You must be in the #DUCKSQUAD to have a chance at winning the giveaways!
We are now doing HUGE monthly giveaways at the start of each month!
Link for TEH DUCK GANG: https://www.brickplanet.com/groups/6976/

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By: LandonRB  •   Created: 01/21/2020 5:37PM  •   Updated: 01/29/2020 4:12PM
To get a chance at winning the group, you must be in this group, and you need to be in the group that will be given away, TEH DUCK GANG. When there is enough people in the group, it will be given away (with some extra money in it) to a lucky duck.

Read the TEH DUCK GANG's group description for more details.

Giveaway Group: https://www.brickplanet.com/groups/6976/teh-duck-gang
New Duck Ranks!
By: LandonRB  •   Created: 07/14/2019 4:52PM  •   Updated: 01/21/2020 4:50PM
Added Duck Ranks! To acquire these ranks you must buy the shirt labeled the rank you want to get in the #DUCKSQUAD shop and buy it, which will reward you with the position in the group you purchase. If you win a giveaway, you will automatically be given a rank. You can also be awarded these ranks by being active on the group, my wall, or on my games.

All ranks purchased have no ex
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