Our goal is to release games for Early Access members on February 24th, 2023, with a 2-week beta testing period for these members. Please note that as a small team with limited resources, this release date may be subject to change. We will do our best to keep you informed of our progress and any potential changes through regular updates on this roadmap.
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Client Roadmap
Track the progress of our new client below. (The client is what you use to play player made games)
In Progress
Load Player
The process responsible for getting the player's data (eg. username) and spawning their avatar with their items into the game world.
Chat System
The ability for players to talk among each other in a game server.
To Be Created
Player & Camera Movement
The process that allows players to move their character around in the game world, as well as use their camera to look/orbit around their character.
Players List
The ability to see all the players in the game server.
Load Game Map
The process responsible for loading the game's bricks and its scripts.
Health System
The process responsible for managing a player's health in game.
Settings Menu
The settings menu will include Reset Character, Leave Game, adjustable graphic settings, and enable/disable Frames-Per-Second (FPS).
Admin Tools
Admin tools for game owners, such as kicking or banning players from their game.
Multiplayer Networking
The ability to join a game with multiple players.
The ability to see what a player's name is.
The ability to join or leave a game server.
Workshop Roadmap
Track the progress of our new workshop below. (The workshop is what you use to build & script games)
In Progress
To Be Created
Scripting Editor
A more in-depth script editor for editing Lua scripts in your game.
UI Improvements
Improvements to how the Workshop UI looks and feels.
Advanced Game Components
The ability to use Lights, and Text3D.
January 15th 2023
Load & Save Game
The ability to load and save game files locally.
January 9th 2023
Save Game
The ability to save game files onto
January 9th 2023
Terrain Generation
The ability to create and shape terrains for your game.
January 3rd 2023
View Objects (Hierachy)
The ability to view all game objects.
Create Game Objects
The ability to add and move or resize cubes, spheres, and cylinders.
Manage Objects
The ability to change the position, scale, anchor/unanchor, collision setting, and other properties of an object.
The ability to create and write a LocalScript or ServerScript.