Brick Planet Fame
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"We show your fame to everyone!"
👋 Hello planetarians! Welcome to one of the fastest growing fame groups on Brick Planet, Brick Planet Fame! ⭐
In this group, we rank you based mainly on your profile views! You can also be ranked by your game visits and net worth / value*! Join to see if you are famous enough if you have not already!

Here are the rank requirements:

[ Default ]
⭐Paparazzi ~ No requirements
[ Vi
ews ]
⭐Notable ~ 25 profile views
⭐Slightly Famous ~ 100 profile views
⭐Famous ~ 500 profile views
⭐Really Famous ~ 1K profile views
⭐Super Famous ~ 5K+ profile views
⭐Mega Famous ~ 10K+ profile views
[ Visits ]
⭐Developer ~ 250 game visits and minimum 50 profile views
⭐Famous Developer ~ 1K profile views and 1K game visits
[ Value ]
⭐Rich / Famous ~ 100K Net worth / Value* and 1K profile views
⭐Millionaire ~ 1M Net worth / Value* and minimum 500 profile views
[ Special ]
⭐Former BP Admin ~ Former Brick Planet Administrator (proof needed)
⭐BP Admin ~ Brick Planet Administrator
⭐BP Owner ~ Rank made specifically for Isaac
⭐️Competitor ~ Rank made specifically for Zachary ( Do not worry though, we are friends )

Want to chat with the other group members? Join us in our chat:

All profile views, place visits, Net worth, and value are included only for the profile of the person that is being ranked, no alternate, previous, or banned accounts can be included even if there is proof of ownership.

*Net worth / Value is converted to bits only ( Example: 100 credits = 1000 bits )
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Introducing Our 2nd Giveaway!
By: Guyz  •   Created: 01/03/2020 9:15AM  •   Updated: 01/15/2020 8:48PM
I wanted to give back to the community once again after hitting an amazing 100 members! 🎉
The 5 winners will be picked at 150 members and you can enter right now! 💸⭐

How do you enter?
⭐ Join the group
⭐ Enter "#500FOR5" on the group wall *
⭐ You are in!

* Which you can only do when you are ranked

[ Update ] There may be delay with the day of the giveaway
Wonder Why Ranking Has Been Taking Longer Recently?
By: Guyz  •   Created: 01/15/2020 8:46PM  •   Updated: 01/15/2020 8:47PM
Ranking delays in BP Fame have been occurring recently whether you have noticed it or not.

The reasons being that I'm planning not to be as active and that there is a lack of Player Rankers.

Questions I can answer:

Does this mean the group is closing?
- No, just expect a 1 - 5 day delay for ranking members if no Player Rankers are hired in the future.

Does this mean you a
re quitting?
- No, but it could be a possibility in the future, I will tell you if I am quitting when I decide to quit.

Is there still a giveaway?
- Yes, but it might be delayed due to me being inactive.
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By: Guyz  •   Created: 11/07/2019 10:22AM  •   Updated: 12/10/2019 11:39AM
V 0.2.1

- separated "Player Ranker" & "Group Moderator" from "Group Holder"
- updated Description
- separated "Paparazzi" rank
- fixed typo on description
- added a rank for my friend Zachary